Training Videos

Proper Medication Check-In

A guide to ensuring the accuracy of medication delivery and verification in a residential care facility. Learn how to cross-check medications using the eMAR, visually inspect medication packaging, and collaborate for accurate med passes.

Med Pass with Multi-Dose Packaging

Discover the benefits and methods of administering medication using multi-dose packaging in a care setting. This tutorial covers verification, administration, and documentation processes to ensure resident safety.

Med Pass with Single-Dose Packaging

Master the art of medication administration using single-dose packaging in residential care facilities. This training emphasizes medication accuracy, cleanliness, and proper documentation techniques.

After-Hours Needs: How to Contact the Pharmacist On-Call

Know how to get assistance after regular hours, ensuring continuity of care for residents. This video demonstrates the process of contacting an on-call pharmacist and ensuring issues are addressed promptly.

Flu Shots and Flu Clinics

An overview of the flu shot administration process at Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Learn about the benefits, billing processes, and best practices for scheduling and administering vaccines.

Managing Scheduled Medications

Discover Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy’s commitment to preventing missed doses and their unique scheduled med refill program. This video covers how to manage bulk medication items and the importance of timely communication with the pharmacy.

Injection Administration

A step-by-step walkthrough of the process involved in administering injections at Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. From patient greeting to documentation, ensure safe and effective delivery of injectable medications.

How to Manage a Med Change

Learn the importance of coordinating medication changes in sync with multi-dose packaging cycles. This guide offers solutions for immediate med changes and how to collaborate effectively with providers.

Requesting eMar Changes

A comprehensive guide on updating your electronic MAR with Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy. Explore the various eMAR platforms we interface with and understand how to efficiently communicate medication changes.

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